About Us

And now a little about myself and why I made this website.

About 6 1/2 years ago I was driving a gas guzzling SUV that I had lifted and accessorized for off roading to accommodate some of my hobbies. Shortly after the gas crunch (when prices were near $5) I was  forced to reevaluate my driving habits. I didn’t want to forgo any of my hobbies which include transportation to the hills because that is what I loved doing, so i started looking at better fuel mileage vehicles. Unfortunately none of the better fuel economy vehicles were going to fit my needs because I still needed something that could pull a trailer and keep me from getting stuck in mud/snow and have enough clearance for where I was going as well. I know it was a tall order but i didn’t want to settle for something that wasn’t going to get me where I needed to go without ripping off a bumper or muffler half way down the road.

Well I was unsuccessful in finding anything that was going to fit my needs….Because it hasn’t been invented yet.

Then a few weeks later I was talking with my brother in law who commutes about 35 minutes to work everyday and he had mentioned Natural Gas as an option. I had never heard of a vehicle running on natural gas and didn’t know anything on the topic. He gave me a couple websites to check out and it all started from there. I did some research and found that there was a filling station about 2 miles from where I live and there was enough of an infrastructure in my state that I would be at least available to fill up without too big of an inconvenience. I began looking for an SUV or truck that was better than a fleet vehicle that ran on a bi fuel compressed natural gas system or bi fuel CNG. I checked all the local listings and several out of state listings beginning with Arizona because they had a pretty significant amount of CNG vehicles available at the time. Finally I found one. I called on it immediately after it was listed and told the seller I’d come by the next day to look at it. It was nearly exactly what I was looking for except for it didn’t fly…Joke…It was a 2001 Chev Tahoe 4X4 and had enough room to fit my small but growing family and of course I could afford to drive it because the CNG was incredibly cheap. At the time i bought it CNG was only $0.63 per gallon.

Now take in mind I had to sell my current SUV (It was a Lifted Grand Cherokee that got about 10 mpg) incur a car/full coverage insurance payment and pay for gas and it was still going to be cheaper for me to drive the new bi fuel CNG Tahoe. So I convinced my wife and we bought it. The place i picked it up from said they would add a couple more CNG tanks to give me some more capacity for an arm and almost a leg.  I needed it because it really only had a cosmetic system on it from AZ from when they had their big CNG boom. It ran but it wasn’t enough capacity to make use of they system like i wanted to. So a couple days later I picked up my new SUV.

In between the time I had found out about the CNG vehicles and been looking for one for myself, the brother in law that told me about them had picked up a 2004 cavalier for his commuter car and I told another brother about it and he had found a Ford expedition out of AZ that he picked up because he also commuted for work and was trying to save some money. By this time in Utah CNG vehicles are going for premium and I regret to say i paid a premium for my mine as well.  It has been worth it but i did pay nearly what they were asking because gas prices were astronomical at the time.

Since that time I have learned the ins and outs of the system that was on my Tahoe and  even learned quite a bit about newer systems that have since been introduced. I have installed several aftermarket retrofit systems for friends on their vehicles mostly regular gas vehicles but i have also done a couple diesel split fuel systems as well. I’m not an ASE certified technician but I am a do it yourselfer and I love to tinker. I have almost always repaired my own vehicles and have always done my own maintenance. I learned how to work on cars since i had my first truck and had to learn how to maintain it on my own and do repair it when something broke. On the systems I have installed i have learned several techniques and encountered dozens of issues that were never addressed in the installation instructions or programming instructions that I think are imperative to know. Hopefully I can pass my tips onto you to save you time and money. If you are trying to decide if Natural Gas is the direction you are headed hopefully, I can help answer any questions you have and make your vehicle conversion easier my first experience was.