2005 Chevrolet Duramax CNG Conversion

June 25, 2013

We just finished installing a Diesel CNG kit on this 2005 Chev Duramax. After tuning we are averaging 28 mpg around town and seeing the mid 30s for highway mpg. This is a realistic advantage of the diesel conversions. Don’t get hyped into thinking it will quadruple your fuel economy because it won’t without doing severe damage to the turbo and motor. In order to avoid pre-detonation and excessive heat we are running a 50/50 mix. It isn’t too hot for towing or normal driving and you get some huge cost savings and cleaner emission by adding the natural gas to the fuel. Your truck will burn diesel more efficiently and increase the longevity of the motor by adding a limited amount of natural gas to the system. You also help the environment by more completely burning the fuel. Of course don’t forget the added horse power….;)

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